Helping Business Owners and Managers
in Motorsport achieve peak performance



Clarity in Your Business, Better Profits & Improved Quality of Life.

This IS achievable through commitment and a willingness to change your current situation for the better. It's not for everyone, but if you have the drive and determination to succeed, then please read on.

Whether you're a startup or have an already established Motorsport business, there will always be challenging times, and it'll feel like your climbing up a steep hill with the handbrake on; other times you'll be rocketing downhill at top speed. And even though it can be painful in those difficult moments, on reflection, these are the times when you'll learn the most, so it can be done differently next time around. Because we don’t tend to reflect as much when things are ticking along nicely.

I assume that having a successful Motorsport business is something you aspire to and you're reading this as you clearly want to better your current situation, and that’s a great quality to have by the way.

Looking to improve yourself and your business for a better life is a very healthy place to be.

Success though has a different meaning to all of us…

Maybe it's having a certain amount in your bank account,

Having X number of new clients,

Having a better work / life balance,

Looking for an exit strategy from your business,

Or maybe it’s having more freedom by building a team of people that'll free you up from the day-to-day running of your Motorsport business.

It is the steady progress towards YOUR personal goals. But here's one truth that will NOT help you achieve YOUR success...

Comparing yourself to others who seem further ahead than you, as this will cripple your confidence and momentum. Remind yourself that any person that’s succeeded in what you're after, had to start at the beginning at some point, and you can too.

To achieve your success, it's about doing things that unsuccessful business owners are not willing to do.

The main problem though, is that most companies in the Motorsport industry do business in exactly the same way as others do business. And that’s why the vast majority struggle.

Don’t take my word for it; the statistics speak for themselves.

8 out of 10 new Motorsport businesses fail in the first three years.

The majority of business owners are so consumed in improving their business that they're neglecting the most important thing – the owner.

Your business will never outgrow the quality of thinking you bring to it and that’s why it's so important to…

Develop the owner, not the business.

When you change and improve the quality of your thinking, only then can your business improve.

People quite often associate business and entrepreneurship with Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, and there's one thing they all have in common…

A team of people to support them on their journey, because doing it alone can be a lonely place, which makes it very difficult to achieve great success.

The same goes for Lewis Hamilton, Sebastien Ogier, Valentino Rossi and all the other competitors; they have a massive team supporting and driving them forward to achieve their very best. So having the right support is critical.




My name is Hefin Harries, a coach to business owners and managers in the Motorsport industry. I also have clients in other industries, as the challenges are very much universal.

My objective is to take you and your business from where you are now to where you want to be.

I'm extremely passionate about Motorsport and competed as a rally driver for many years to international level.

Since 1993, I've also started and grown four very different businesses, and that’s given me a wealth of experience in what's required to run a successful business.

If you're looking to start a new venture, improve the results or grow your current business, then I can help you.

Being so close to the fire, it's very easy to get blinded to the avenues and possibilities open to you; my focus is to help you discover and achieve your full potential.

If you're not failing enough, you're not taking any risks, and playing it safe is where the majority live.


* Improve Your Clarity and Focus *

* Have Impartial Support *

* Increase Your Confidence *

* Have a Healthier Work / Life Balance *

* And get the Results YOU'RE After… *

Then get in touch today for a no obligation chat.

What Other People Say…

  • I really like Hefin's coaching style. Anyone new to coaching, who may be nervous about the process, will quickly feel at ease with his calm but assured approach. During our coaching session, Hefin used some excellent questions to draw out a couple of issues that I needed to deal with. Issues that I hadn't consciously previously been aware of! We then looked at some actions I would take to resolve these points. Finally, we put a timescale on it and I know that Hefin will hold me accountable at our next meeting, which will make sure I get them done! Like all good coaches, Hefin didn't tell me what to do, but asked insightful questions that helped me become aware of things that I hadn't previously noticed. If you haven't experienced coaching before, I strongly recommend you have an initial session with Hefin, so that you can experience the powerful benefits it provides.
    John Wright
    it’seeze Websites
  • I had a very productive session with Hefin. He managed to ask the right questions that lead me to solid decisions. Hefin helped me to focus and prioritise. He did not make decisions for me but instead helped me to develop a plan of action to deal with situations using my own knowledge and self-awareness. Thank you Hefin for your time and a great session.
    Diana George
    Diana George Styling
  • I have used Hefin’s services and I can honestly say it opened my eyes and completely changed my perception on business coaches. I would certainly recommend that you talk to him. The first free consultation is very useful as a "try before you buy" tool. It only serves to enhance the confidence you will have in Hefin’s ability to help you.
    Nick Gittings
  • Having closed my retail business after 17 years, I was struggling to identify what direction I wanted my future career path to take. I had a series of 6 coaching sessions with Hefin which really helped me add some clarity as to what I did and didn't want to do. He asked questions that really made me dig deep and think about things in a way that I hadn't before. Everyone can benefit from coaching, on a personal or a business level and I would highly recommend Hefin. I felt comfortable and at ease during our coaching sessions and at the end of my sessions I felt inspired and clearer on the path I wanted to take.
    Hilary C
  • Once again thank you for the coaching session which was an amazing and very inspirational experience for me. I really appreciate the help I got from you in realizing how many ideas and solutions I already had in my mind. The guidance you offer through your service is something I believe everyone should use in any type of business. I highly recommend booking a coaching session with you!
    Adriana Onwuzuruike
  • johnburchill
    Working with Hefin over the past few months has had such a positive impact on me both personally and professionally. The process has helped to raise my awareness and has improved my focus on the business. The 80/20 approach has benefited me so that I now delegate less important tasks which allows me to spend more time on growing the business. Coaching has also been a great way of holding me accountable to my actions.
    John Burchill
    CEO BurchillGC
  • I found Hefin's coaching to be extremely professional. He helped me break down my goals into smaller chunks and as I'm a visual learner, I found that writing down things on paper helped me by having something concrete that I could reflect on to hold myself to account. He ensured that I reiterated my goals and actions, when I wanted to achieve them by and challenged me in a very appropriate manner. With effective questioning by Hefin, it helped me explore a range of options for me to think and reflect on. Each session ended with me having a clear goal and an agreed action plan with firm timescales. He started every session by getting me to review previous actions and praised me for my achievements. This really encouraged me to take action as I did not want to let Hefin or myself down. It has been a great pleasure working with such a committed and professional coach!
    Grace Kew
  • I have achieved a great deal through my coaching sessions with Hefin. Not only have I now expanded my client base, but I have also tackled issues such as confidence, assertiveness and procrastination as well as making headway on discovering my niche. The biggest impact however was dealing with my assertiveness. I found this very powerful and I was able to deal with a situation which I had been ‘putting off’ for weeks. The relief of dealing with the situation has had a direct positive effect on my life. Found Hefin to be very professional and gave me plenty of thinking time which often resulted in new ideas.
  • imeldatunnicliffe
    Hefin had a great rapport and made me feel at ease. He pointed out my strengths, encouraged me to delve deeper with ideas for actions and really got me out of my comfort zone. With his powerful questioning, he explored my lack of self-belief and challenged me when it was needed. There's been a significant shift in the way I see myself now and I enjoyed my time being coached by Hefin. I found him to be very competent in coaching in any topic area.