• Why willpower won’t help your business
    Ever had that sinking feeling when the alarm clock goes off… When another day weighs heavy on your mind? If you’re a business owner, you’ll in no doubt have experienced this when things haven’t been going the way you’d hoped. But the one thing that won’t help you to overcome this is willpower. If you’re searching for willpower, it tends to mean one thing – a lack of direction. When running a business, it’s very common to think that more effort is what’s needed, a bit more drive or willpower, and that will get you unstuck. But the fact of […]
  • Goalless
    It all started off pretty low key… But footie fever’s in full swing now. With England in the last 16 and Germany, Spain and Portugal already knocked out, there’s a sense of excitement and belief that 2018 could be England’s year. I’m not a football fan myself and have never religiously followed it, but I do get drawn in when the World Cup and the Euros come around. You couldn’t get a simpler game; two teams aiming to get the one ball inside the net at the opposite end, but just imagine a game of twenty-two players running around without […]
  • Comparing
    Richard Branson, Alan Sugar and Peter Jones. All three are very successful in what they do and get a mention in a lot of other people’s marketing (including this one!) on how to achieve success. But the point is this – not everyone wants to be them and have a multi-million-pound empire and a long list of employees. What’s your true meaning of success? Being rich for some means a bank full of notes. For others, a rich life could mean a healthy work / life balance, feeling mentally and physically fit and doing some volunteering in the local community. […]
  • Beating procrastination
    Whether it’s completing a project or everyday chores or finishing off something at work, most people are prone to procrastination – even the most productive among us. To be fair, it’s an easy pit to fall into because at the time, it feels so blissful to postpone undesirable responsibilities in favour of doing something more enjoyable instead. Or does it? While many of us might think we’re enjoying what we’re doing in this ‘free time’, it’s possible we might actually just be enjoying not doing what we’re supposed to do and because we’re conscious of that fact the whole time, […]
  • Are you READY?
    If you consider what you want your future to look like, what does your ultimate success story hold for you? What does it look and feel like? Can you picture yourself punching the air or raising a glass or two in acknowledgement of your achievement? It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? What would happen if you got offered this opportunity tomorrow? Would you be ready for success? Successful people remain focused and are always R.E.A.D.Y for success. They are R-esilient, they create an E-nvironment that supports success, they adopt a positive A-ttitude, they’re D-isciplined and they know that the only […]