• Thank God It’s Friday
    Wishing for the end of each week to arrive is sadly all too common. Those who do, clearly don’t enjoy what they do, and the majority are very much looking forward to retirement. Depressing I know, especially when the average UK life expectancy for men and women is 80 and 83 respectively. From my experience through coaching clients, the biggest cause of frustration and stress is a lack of direction, no real purpose or doing something that doesn’t excite them but feel trapped in order to pay the bills. Setting goals is a great way to get out of this […]
  • It’s NEVER too late to start something NEW
    A common response I hear when helping people who are thinking of starting something new is – ‘Oh it’s probably too late now. I better stick at what I’m good at.’ This is a deep and limiting belief that holds a lot of people back from achieving and embracing new and more fulfilling opportunities. In my work, I’m passionate in helping others get what they really want in their personal and business life. 1) Your Philosophy If you were to ask a successful person who has rich meaningful relationships, vibrant health, financial freedom, excited about life and living life on […]
  • 4 Reasons why you should know what’s important to you
    Many of us can get so caught up in the ‘busyness’ of life that we may not invest much time or thought into getting crystal clear on what’s really important to us. Having a lack of clarity on what matters to us and what we truly want can cause us to aimlessly drift through life without direction, which can trigger a sense of feeling ‘lost’. Every few months I choose to take a step back and review what I value most, doing so helps me to make better decisions and lead a more fulfilling lifestyle. Here are 4 reasons why: […]
  • Why willpower won’t help your business
    Ever had that sinking feeling when the alarm clock goes off… When another day weighs heavy on your mind? If you’re a business owner, you’ll in no doubt have experienced this when things haven’t been going the way you’d hoped. But the one thing that won’t help you to overcome this is willpower. If you’re searching for willpower, it tends to mean one thing – a lack of direction. When running a business, it’s very common to think that more effort is what’s needed, a bit more drive or willpower, and that will get you unstuck. But the fact of […]
  • Goalless
    It all started off pretty low key… But footie fever’s in full swing now. With England in the last 16 and Germany, Spain and Portugal already knocked out, there’s a sense of excitement and belief that 2018 could be England’s year. I’m not a football fan myself and have never religiously followed it, but I do get drawn in when the World Cup and the Euros come around. You couldn’t get a simpler game; two teams aiming to get the one ball inside the net at the opposite end, but just imagine a game of twenty-two players running around without […]