• Your Why
    Are you sticking to your New Years’ resolution? Or maybe you haven't made any. The gyms will in no doubt be packed to the rafters in January and Feb with people looking to shed those extra few pounds post-Christmas. And if like previous years, the vast majority will be long gone by early March and back to their old habits. The same goes when attending training courses. Only a small minority will actually put their new learnings to good use in their day to day and apply it consistently. So what's the difference between those who achieve what they’ve set […]
  • Stressed out IT Professionals
    It's very common to hear someone saying, “I'm feeling so stressed”, but it could be that the individuals’ pushing themselves way outside of their comfort zone and doing something that’s new and uncomfortable to them. This is what I class as healthy stress, pushing the boundaries and venturing into unknown territory. Unhealthy stress is when you're doing the same old same old day-in-day-out and working under unrealistic time constraints. A recent survey has shown this to be a real problem for IT professionals.  Down to the scarcity of talent in this sector, the pressure on the IT worker to perform […]
  • How ignoring the time can seriously damage your business.
    There's one thing we all have in common… Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Alan Sugar, you and I all have a set amount of time each day – 24 hours to be precise. No more, no less. Not a big revelation I know. So why is it that some are a dab hand with managing their time while others are not? I for one have always been an early-bird; even if I haven't got much planned on a weekend, I'm up at the crack of dawn, but this ain't the case for everyone. But the crucial point is not the time […]
  • Birds-eye view
      Very busy… This is a common response from business owners and entrepreneurs. Busy on what though is the question? In my experience in helping business owners, time and time again, I see people getting consumed by their never ending to do list and lose sight of the big picture. Being busy and productive are very different. When you're the former, it's hard to see the wood for the trees, you're in the middle of the forest and it's difficult to see the big picture. As Ryan Holiday once quoted – “This is a fundamental irony of most people’s lives. […]
  • 5.1 Key Business Learnings from ‘The Apprentice’
    We’re over mid-way through the thirteen’s series of The Apprentice; led by Sir Alan Sugar, the format has remained pretty much unchanged since the first series and the entertainment value never disappoints. The winner in a few weeks’ time will get a handsome £250K investment to fund their chosen enterprise. With so many cringing and embarrassing moments from the show, I’ve picked out 5.1 nuggets to help you in your business. RUNNING SOLO It’s quite common for us entrepreneurs to get caught in the trap of thinking that we can do everything ourselves and don’t really need help. Taking the […]