Why willpower won’t help your business

4 Reasons why you should know what’s important to you

Why willpower won’t help your business

Ever had that sinking feeling when the alarm clock goes off…

When another day weighs heavy on your mind?

If you’re a business owner, you’ll in no doubt have experienced this when things haven’t been going the way you’d hoped.

But the one thing that won’t help you to overcome this is willpower.

If you’re searching for willpower, it tends to mean one thing – a lack of direction.

When running a business, it’s very common to think that more effort is what’s needed, a bit more drive or willpower, and that will get you unstuck.

But the fact of the matter is this; if you know WHY you do what you do and the direction you’re taking your business, the last thing you need is willpower.

By taking the tiny steps that matter at the start of each day, will give you the motivation you need. And repeating these important activities daily, will lead to momentum and ultimately, the outcome you’re after.


So forget willpower.

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