Why willpower won’t help your business


It all started off pretty low key…

But footie fever’s in full swing now.

With England in the last 16 and Germany, Spain and Portugal already knocked out, there’s a sense of excitement and belief that 2018 could be England’s year.

I’m not a football fan myself and have never religiously followed it, but I do get drawn in when the World Cup and the Euros come around.

You couldn’t get a simpler game; two teams aiming to get the one ball inside the net at the opposite end, but just imagine a game of twenty-two players running around without a physical goal in sight at either end.

It wouldn’t be a great spectacle and the final result would be very predictable and dull.

Who would watch such a pointless and meaningless ninety minutes of play? No one that’s who.

So why is it that so many of us are willing or decide to go through weeks, months and years without setting any goals?

Having a goal in both your personal and professional life is critical for success, because without one, how can you every say your successful?

Not having a goal is a bit like a tin can in the wind; easy to drift from one week to the next. Nothing to aim for and any outcome will do.

So if you haven’t set any goals thus far, make a start today by taking time out and think where you’re heading.

It’ll be time very well spent.

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