Beating procrastination


Richard Branson, Alan Sugar and Peter Jones.

All three are very successful in what they do and get a mention in a lot of other people’s marketing (including this one!) on how to achieve success.

But the point is this – not everyone wants to be them and have a multi-million-pound empire and a long list of employees.

What’s your true meaning of success?

Being rich for some means a bank full of notes. For others, a rich life could mean a healthy work / life balance, feeling mentally and physically fit and doing some volunteering in the local community.

But there’s one thing that’ll kill your confidence and momentum on the route to your success – and that is to compare yourself to others who’ve achieved what you’re after. They might be further ahead down the path, but they too would have started from scratch at some stage on their own personal journey.

Instead, focus on where YOU are today and the little steps YOU can take to get YOU closer to where YOU want to be.

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